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Our practice

Subtilis Consulting provide project management, engineering and surveying consultancy services in relation to insurance related investigation and repair projects. We have a wealth of experience, expertise and an unparalleled reputation dealing with all forms of complex building related issues.

We have over 25 years experience of dealing with insurance related repairs as an insurance repair surveyor, subsidence expert engineer and major loss engineering consultant.

We are an independent, forward thinking practice dedicated to the provision of high quality services to our clients.

Project management and contract administration


Building surveying service


Forensic engineering on complex building issues


Specification and design of building repairs


Subsidence damage investigation and resolution


Our core services include;

Our ethos is to provide a bespoke service focused on delivery of expert solutions within budget and in a timely and professional manner. We want to ensure that our clients derive the maximum benefit from our instruction and we recognise the importance of communication at each stage of the process.


We have established ourselves as a trusted and reliable consultancy and we aim to  promote collaborative working and strive to ensure that each project is completed on time and to budget. 


We operate full electronic processes and undertake a continuous improvement programme. We regularly review our standard documentation and processes to ensure we maintain a comprehensive technical library with up-to-date regulatory requirements.

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  • Project management of building repair works from £25,000 to £2.5 million.

  • Full schedules of works and specification

  • Administering the contract through to completion.

  • Coordination of construction professionals and consultants at all key stages of the project.

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  • Detailed and bespoke engineering reports for building related damage

  • Forensic engineering for insurance related building damage

  • Statutory approvals and Party Wall services

  • CDM Services

  • Insurance repair surveyor

  • Subsidence expert engineer

  • Major loss engineering consultant

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  • Project management of subsidence claims from inception to completion

  • Project management of all forms of underpinning

  • Resolution of large complex subsidence claims for insurers and homeowners

  • Expert reports for solicitors and homeowners